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This book is written especially for academic endeavor of tourism and to support for higher studies. This is a management support text. So it would be helpful to have basic knowledge of management, economics and marketing theories.
It would prove a valuable source of information for both teachers and students. It is equally helpful to tourism managers and to others working in developing and promoting tourist-
destinations in Nepal. A number of traditional terms and terminologies do not fit exactly in tourism due to The Basic Natures of Tourism. It is not logical to explain every concept for three levels of management and for the basic natures, so to
maintain the smoothness of the text concepts are discussed only once as applicable.

Readers are advised to understand from their own prospective, their objective and level of management

It would not be possible to acknowledge the sources of all the concepts and ideas that have been used in the book. We have made every endeavor to credit materials and ideas. We offer apologies to the authors, colleagues and friends
that we have failed to mention. Really you have been our inspiration. With your help and information and guidance the book came into reality. Thank you.
We would also like to thank all these organizations, institutions and colleges that support our publications. We admire our students who involved in discussion that helped to expand our vision. Special gratitude goes to our family members, respected parents and dear children for their consistent moral support.

Once again Prof. Pradeep Kumar Khadka, HOD; Prof. Pushpa Kamal Subedi and Mrs. Pragya Ghimire who acted as a discussion partner and patiently managed hand written papers. We personally appreciate and thank to Mrs. Sunita Manandhar for her careful and painstaking desktop work. A few words about the language: Throughout the text, we have used the traditional pronoun “he” and “his” rather than cutter the text with the “he/she” construction. This is intended to ensure that the text flows more smoothly and not mean to be biased. We would greatly welcome any suggestions for the improvement of this book.

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SUSTAINABLE TOURISM for Rural Development

Welcome to the world of tourism.

The most glamorous industry is recognized as one of the largest industries of the world creating highest number of employments.

Everyone has realized the importance of tourism that it generates the money. It is the strongest economic force to change socio-economic environment of a country.

Now, the significance of tourism has been realized by its stakeholders such as interest-group, pressure-group, government, local authorities and locals.
Many NGOs and INGOs involved with vested interests. Even some other institutions and universities are incorporating ‘tourism’ into their curricula to produce quality knowledge. At the same time students, teachers, researchers and managers are
realizing the need of an authentic book written on the Nepali need. It is a great venture to prepare an academic book for a subject which requires practical understanding from real industry. It is very difficult to cover every aspects of
tourism, as it is studied from seven different approaches and managed from three different levels with different mission, vision and objectives. Tourism is an industry of industries such as transport, airlines, hotels, etc. Each one of them is an
independent industry per se. It has multidisciplinary aspects such as economic, social and environmental aspects. The writers have realized all these complexities and had tried to accommodate in this book as possible as they can..


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